Scholarship Winners

In 2018, MGS-GI endowed our own Minnesota Geotechnical Society Scholarship. We also provide funds to two local scholarship funds, the Andrew Drescher Scholarship and Miles Kersten Memorial Scholarship. The scholarships are given to engineering students that have an interest in geotechnical engineering.

Minnesota Geotechnical Society


2022-2023 Jadah Schuh2021-2022 Elisabeth Payne2020-2021 Lydia Wilimitis2019-2020 Katrina Hetico

Andrew Drescher Scholarship Fund

2021-2022 Elisabeth Payne2021-2022 John Dosch2021-2022 Jonathan Full2020-2021 Lydia Wilimitis2019-2020 Alicia Stone2018-2019 Caleb Wildstand2018-2019 John Pultorak2017-2018 Caleb Wildstrand2016-2017 Emily Erhart2015-2016 Nathan Bausman2015-2016 Diego De Bedout2013-2014 Brian Folta2012-2013 Lindsay Ellingson2012-2013 Megan Horst2011-2012 Benkamin Holbrook

Miles Kersten Memorial Scholarship Fund

2021-2022 Alexander Clift2021-2022 Elijah Harvala2021-2022 Lexi Schaefer2020-2021 Reese Johnson2020-2021 Daniel Mukanya Kayembe2019-2020 Rachel Schnell2019-202 Aizhi Zhuo2018-2019 Jay Sohre2017-2018 Samantha Prince2017-2018 Keven Theimer2016-2017 Madeline Kappenman2016-2017 Lukas Petersen2015-2016 Ryan Heath2015-2016 Carl Krieger2014-2015 Jordan Hurst2014-2015 Douglas Novak2012-2013 James Strehle2012-2013 Robert Reski2011-2012 Jedidiah Dordal

This is possible thanks to all of our members and corporate sponsors!